Community Room-Wirt Library


Due to Covid-19, the Society stopped holding in-person meetings in March, 2020. In October, 2020, it started meeting via Zoom. The July, 2021, meeting was again held as a group, with an attempt to include Zoom attendees. But, nobody registered to attend via Zoom. Registrations were sent out on short notice. So it was understandable when there were no Zoom attendees. A hybrid meeting will be attempted again at the next meeting, which will be held in September, 2021.

Zoom Meeting Attendance 

In order to attend a meeting via Zoom, you have to register.

Society members are sent Registrations, via email, on the Wednesday before the meeting date.

Non-members must contact the Zoom Co-ordinator (see Officers section) to provide an email address for each meeting. IE: Before each meeting, the Zoom Co-ordinator will have to be provided an email address.

Meeting Logistics

Meeting Location: Wirt Library Community Room                                                                                500 Center Avenue, Bay City, Michigan
Time: 5:30pm-7:30pm (Doors open at 5:00pm)
Date: 2nd Wednesday of the month (No meeting in August)

If schools are closed due to weather, the meeting is cancelled.

Meeting Schedule-2021/2022 Society year:

September 8, 2021
Program: Charlie will tell of his Ancestry Family Tree project and how to merge people between Ancestry Family Trees.

October 13, 2021
Program: Jessica Trotter.  Topic: "Scandalous Ancestors-Tracking Black Sheep                                                       Family Members."

November 10, 2021
Program: TBA

December 8, 2021
Program: TBA

January 12, 2022
Program: TBA

February 9. 2022
Program: TBA

March 9, 2022
Program: TBA

April 13, 2022
Program: TBA

May 11, 2022
Program: TBA

June 8, 2022
Program: TBA

July 13, 2022
Program: TBA