Membership in our Society

Our Society welcomes all that are interested in researching  family history.               

Our membership dues are:

$20.00 per year for a single membership.  New prices for 2019

$25.00 per year for a family/one household membership per year.

New prices beginning in 2019.  We voted to increase our membership dues at our August Budget meeting.  All were in favor and also at our September meeting the members were in favor.  Our fees will be the same as the local societies of Midland and Saginaw. We thank all members for their support and help with research, gathering records and putting books together. 

All memberships are due at the end of December for the coming year.

You may pay your dues at a meeting or pay by mail.

Please make check payable to: BCGS.

Society address:

Bay County Genealogical Society of Michigan

PO Box 1366

Bay City, MI 48706-0366

Our memberships are due in December for the year of 2020.  You will have a 20 at the end of your name on the address label if you have paid.  

Unpaid dues will not receive The Clarion.


The Clarion:

The Clarion is published four times per year and comes with your membership.  The newsletter usually contains eight pages or so and has two pages of court marriage records and two pages of death records for our county.  We try to make the newsletter interesting for our members and try to include local history from or about  Bay County residents or historical stories from our state and country.  If you have a interesting story of Bay County residents, you can send it in and I'll consider it for the Clarion.  Society email address:






(You can copy and paste this application)            

       Please make check or money order payable to Bay County Genealogical Society and send it to the Society address.


PO Box 1366

Bay City  MI  48706-0366

Please use the space below for comments or suggestions you would like to make, and Thank You.       There is a 20 behind your name if you have paid.

This will be your last issue if you haven’t paid your dues for 2020.  


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